Like most industries, in order to achieve a first-class service, you have to use quality products. Well, it’s the same with the grass in your garden. But you also need experienced lawn experts who have worked in the industry for a long time and are prepared to come out and inspect your garden individually – rather than just supply a standard product for any lawn. 

Advantages of using top of the range products for Garden Irrigation 

Here at Watersplash, we work with the leading brands in garden irrigation and only use top-of-the-range products to ensure our customers’ grass remains in tip-top condition all year round. 

Environmental Benefits 

But the advantages of using quality products go far beyond producing a lawn to be proud of. That’s because they are also so much better for the environment. 

Efficient Irrigation 

An efficient irrigation system uses less water, for a start. And, in fact both Rain Bird and Hunter’s products (which we use here at Watersplash, together with other leading brands) are proven to reduce water consumption by up to 25 per cent

No Defects 

They are also designed so well that defects are never an issue. And, in the unlikely event anything went wrong with the product, there is a two-year warranty, ensuring the item would be replaced without any fuss. 
They have managed to achieve this by thorough research over the years – and that’s eight decades of experience, to be precise. When it comes to producing sprinklers, timers and controllers, pumps, drip lines and irrigation components in general, these two companies are undoubtedly the market leaders. 

Long-term Savings 

These brands may be more expensive than others but the advantage of investing in quality products now means you don’t have to spend more later, when several years down the line your grass fails because it hasn’t been irrigated properly. 
Wondering the best way to irrigate your lawn and when? 
“A healthy lawn is one of your property’s best assets, but keeping it lush and green requires regular mowing and watering at the very least, especially during the hot summer months. It can be confusing to figure out when is the best time to water, and how much you should be watering, plus watering by hand can take up so much time — enter the lawn sprinkler, which does the hard work for you.” 

Smart Technology & Irrigation Systems 

Today you can find garden irrigation systems that use Smart Timers and the latest Wi-Fi technology. These can be altered using an app, laptop or desktop computer. You’ll get weather updates so it’s possible to alter your irrigation plans to coincide with the latest forecast. 

Liquid feed & Irrigation 

It’s also possible to invest in an irrigation system with a liquid feed. What this means is that the plants and your grass are given nutrients along with the water. Different types of irrigation systems include using a drip method or introducing a more advanced subsurface injection of soil nutrients

Get in touch 

Looking for a lawn to make your neighbours envious? Then why not get in touch and let the team here at Watersplash advise you on the best irrigation system for your lawn? You can be sure that whichever system we recommend, it will be of the highest quality. That’s because we only work with the best in the business. That’s brands such as Rain Bird, Hunter and Dosatron
To find out more about maintenance of your garden irrigation system please get in touch 
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