This garden had an existing irrigation system, but after nearly 14 years it was in need of a major overhaul! The owner had lost contact with the original installers and parts of the system had fallen into disrepair. 
2 of the existing 10 zones were not working and the lawn pop-ups were no longer sufficiently watering the lawn. It was quickly determined that the pump had become worn and inefficient over the years, with pop-ups that were originally throwing a radius of 7m (or more) were now only reaching 4.5m, leaving numerous brown patches in the lawn during the summer. 
To add to his problems, the main beds around the lawn and house had micro-spray irrigation installed which the gardeners had unwittingly trampled over with the inevitable result being broken sprays and cut pipes. This is understandable and quite common in beds which are full over summer yet still have to be weeded and maintained – the sprays are often hidden and invisible until they’re trodden on! 
There was also a nearby Well that had once been used to fill the existing tank, that had not been working for many years. 
The owner had also planted around a pond. He’d assumed that these plants would have been watered by the pond itself, but during the last summer many of the plants suffered, requiring hand-watering during the hot spells. 

Solution for a new garden watering system  

Garden Sprinkler pop-ups 

We installed a new submersible Lowara pump into the irrigation tank and put in new RainBird 5000 Series pop-ups in place of the old ones and also added a further 2 pop-ups to increase coverage to the include the edges of the lawn. 
We also found that the pressure switch for the Well pump was faulty. This was quickly repaired, and the owners have once again access to free water for their watering system! 

Rotating Sprinkler Heads  

All micro-sprays were cleared from the upper lawn beds. Watering for all of these beds now comes from RainBird 1806 & 1812 pop-up sprays fitted with Hunter rotating sprinkler heads. These devices are buried in the lawn, popping up when required to water, and mimicking a gentle rain shower for a few minutes before disappearing into the lawn once more.. 

Pond Irrigation 

These pop-up sprays were also added to the new zone around the pond, being more discreet than using micro sprinklers which the owner felt would be too obtrusive for the view that he was trying to create. At Watersplash we will always configure your watering System to your own needs and desires, rather than just plonk an irrigation system in your garden because it looked right on paper! 
The system, after a demonstration to the owners, was then winterised in readiness for any upcoming snow or frost. 

We offer a maintenance service to all of our customers, including a Spring Start-up & Winterisation 

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