Most large, landscaped gardens require an irrigation system to ensure all the shrubs, plants and grassed areas are watered regularly in the late spring, summer, and warmer autumn months. 
Global warming has impacted significantly on Northern Europe and the UK with wetter winters and hotter dryer summers, so protecting your garden by watering regularly is essential. 

What is an effective irrigation system

Garden irrigation systems are an artificial way of watering your grass areas and planted areas, using a system of pumps, sprays, and pipework. Irrigation is often seen on sports grounds, golf courses and some professions football and cricket clubs. Watersplash specialize in large domestic gardens and large private estates, providing essential water for gardens which would be impossible to water by hand. 
Sharing professional tips for good irrigation practices: 
Water in the morning – set your controller for as early as possible. Watering early allows for the moisture on the leaves to evaporate and this can help prevent plant diseases. If you can’t water early in the morning, then the next best time to set your irrigation system is early evening. 
The system is automatic and responds to the weather, the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about anything. 
The lower the better – watering directly onto the root systems is the most beneficial for the plants, obviously this is not possible with grass areas, so ensure you have your sprays correctly placed. 
We advise all our clients to take up as a minimum our Winter and Spring Maintenance program to ensure you keep your irrigations systems working as good as new, but during our Winter closing down of your system and our Spring Start up, we follow a detailed regime of checks. 
Follow our Winter, Spring maintenance program. 

Here is our detailed check list when inspecting our irrigation systems.  

Initial Meeting with our customers 

A walk through the garden or gardens and landscaped area with the property owner, head gardener or contract gardener to agree the irrigation maintenance program. 
Discussion around any issues faced in the garden in the previous season and any areas which have been replanted or changed. 

Checks on Sprinklers 

To see if anything has been moved, either by human intervention, overgrowth of shrubs, animals have moved or there are any indication of cracks or general wear and tear. 
Check all nozzles are still correctly adjusted for each area of planting or grass areas. There are no clogs in the system and there is no water being wasted on to hard landscaped areas. 
Check on the pressure in the system and is each area getting the correct volume of water. 

Checks on pipework and pumps 

All connections are checked, and the full system is walked around checking for any leaks 
The system is reviewed for run times, start up and run times. 
Here is a great article from The Royal Horticultural Society on Watering your Garden, which provides expert advice on all aspects of keeping your garden well-watered and always looking at its best. 
To find out more about maintenance of your garden irrigation system please get in touch 
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