Why should I install an irrigation system? 

Irrigated gardens are healthier, greener and less time consuming than those without irrigation. If a tank & pump system is used then liquid fertiliser can be added to the tank so that all of the plants and lawns can be fed during the nights irrigation cycle. 

What if it rains? 

Every system is fitted with a Rain Sensor which will stop the irrigation system running if there has been too much rainfall. 

Will my system need maintenance? 

As with all automatic systems, preventative maintenance is required to ensure reliability and a long healthy life for your irrigation system. Please see section on ‘Maintenance’ 

How much does an irrigation system cost? 

That depends upon the type and size of garden that you have. Watersplash can provide an automatic irrigation system to cover anything; a single window box (£200-£300), a small courtyard garden (£500-£2,000), family garden with lawn (£4,000-£10,000) and large country gardens (£10,000-£60,000+) 

I have an irrigation system but the original installer has left - can you fix it? 

Yes, we repair & maintain systems that we didn’t install. 

Would a borehole be suitable for my water source? 

This will depend on how much water you require and how deep is the aquifer below your property. We do work with a borehole company. A survey is required to determine the viability of using this method of water extraction. 
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