Garden Irrigation Systems 

Micro Irrigation 

As the name implies, this is irrigation for small areas such as flower beds, small borders, pots, hanging baskets, etc. The micro-sprinklers used are either the micro jet irrigation type (which deliver a fine spray of water, adjustable up to 2 metres in diameter) or root watering sprinklers (shrubblers) which are typically seen in hanging baskets. 

Dripline Irrigation 

This is tubing with emitters spaced at (typically) every 33 cms along its length. Each emitter releases 2 Litres of water per hour. Because these emitters are self-compensating, they release exactly the same amount of water at the beginning of the run as they do at the end. Dripline is typically used for hedges & dense plant borders.It is considered the most efficient method of watering as there is virtually no evaporation or run-off, allowing all of the water to seep down to the plant roots. 

Sprinkler Irrigation 

These systems are considered an excellent method of delivering larger quantities of water to lawns and gardens as efficiently and uniformly as possible. Water is pumped through a system of pipes and sprayed into the air through sprinkler heads. The water falls in small droplets, mimicking natural rainfall. Whilst automated pop-up systems are considered the ultimate in irrigation for lawns and gardens, there are several types to choose from – each is designed to deliver the right amount of water at the right time. There are mobile, fixed, impact and gear-driven systems ranging from simple, manually-operated ones to more sophisticated and computerised systems which can be set on timers and some which even have built-in sensors so that if rainfall is due, the system will know to skip a scheduled watering. 
The Micro & Dripline Irrigation Systems  
The micro & dripline irrigation systems can be run, perfectly well, from a garden tap. A ’tap splitter’ can be used allowing you to still be able to use the tap, while we affix an irrigation controller to the tap as well. This controller can be programmed to water the plants/hanging baskets up to 4 times a day and for however long is required. For a larger sprinkler system a tank and pump system is required. This will mean that a tank (typically 2500 litres, approx 1.8 m high x 1.8 m dia) will need to be sited in the garden. Beyond that, all that is needed are an electric and water source. The pump will be submersed inside the tank. 
Quality products that are fully guaranteed 
We use the leading brands of irrigation supplies and wherever possible we prefer Rain Bird & Hunter. These two companies have spent the past eighty years developing irrigation components including sprinklers, drip lines, pumps, timers and controllers, for everything from homes and schools to parks, sports fields, golf courses and farms. With efficient irrigation, it’s possible to reduce water consumption by 25 percent or more. Rain Bird & Hunter products are designed to be defect free, but if a problem should arise their products are fully guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years. A Watersplash irrigation system means you’ll be fitted with the best in the business. 
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