Ongoing Maintenance 

We install irrigation systems that are designed to last but, as with anything, a little bit of care and attention will mean you get the maximum from your investment. That’s why we offer a maintenance service to all of our customers, including a Spring Start-up & Winterization. 

Spring start up 

We get your system up and running with our Spring Start-up maintenance package. This includes: turning on the water; checking your entire irrigation system for leaks; running individual zone tests; checking for proper coverage and completing necessary head adjustments; rain sensor check; and system programming check. Additionally, our team will inform you of the repairs we have made and will also make suggestions for necessary improvements and future upgrades, if required. 


Properly closing your irrigation system before the freezing winter temps is one of the most important components in maintaining your irrigation system. Every autumn, we: turn off your water at the main valve, blow out the water from the irrigation lines, and partially drain your irrigation tank. Any repairs that are needed to the system will be noted for service the following spring. 


From time to time, repairs are needed. Whether they’ve resulted from construction and/or landscaping activities, or normal wear and tear, we’ll be sure to take good care of you. Our highly trained field technicians are qualified to fix all of your system needs from severed lines and broken heads, to leaking valves and cut electrical lines. Please contact our office directly to make arrangements for your repairs. 

Existing Systems 

We also repair & maintain irrigation systems that were fitted by another Company. In practice, we’d come and meet you, look at the system and recommend a course of action to give you best value for money. 

Maintenance Packages 

Standard service 

Spring Start-Up + Winterisation (see above for details). Packaged together, these two components help to ensure that the opening and closing of your irrigation system is completed in a timely manner. 

Premium service 

An extension of the Standard Service, the Premium Service also includes one full system check-up during the summer season. At this visit, we will run system tests, check for leaks, perform necessary head adjustments, and re-set your controller for seasonal conditions. Any repairs that are required in this check-up will be performed at our regular rates. 

Bespoke service 

We offer more extensive and bespoke maintenance Plans for larger (or Public) systems. These include Monthly, fortnightly or even weekly testing & repairing of systems. 

Price Guides 

Standard service 

The Standard Service includes 2 visits per year (Spring and Autumn) and up to £10 of materials per zone. 
There will be no callout charge for extra visits leaving just the labour costs to pay at £50 per hour. 
Typically a tap based system will be around £140 per year and a tank & pump system with a medium sized garden will be £275 + per year. 

Premium service 

The Premium Service also includes 3 visits per year together with priority booking of maintenance and callout appointments and FREE PARTS AND MATERIALS for the constant upgrade and renewal of your system. 
We will replace parts and make improvements to your irrigation system year-in, year-out so that you can relax in the knowledge that your system is always in tip-top condition and that your won’t get any unexpected bills for failed pumps, controllers or anything else. 
Even callouts for extra visits are FREE OF CHARGE leaving only the £50 per hour for any labour used. 
Typically a Premium Service Plan is 20% higher than a Standard Plan. 
For those without a maintenance package there is a call-out charge of £60 followed by £50 per hour for any labour used. 
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