How We Work 

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Whether you are looking to make watering easier or wanting to protect your landscape investment, an in-ground irrigation system is a great way to take care of your garden easier and more efficient. We offer free irrigation quotes which start with a visit to your home or business. We design all our systems based on the water needs of the plants, sun exposure and water supply. Most systems can be designed and estimated on site with a quote submitted the following day. 

Quote - based on the design 

We will then prepare a quotation for you, which comes with absolutely no obligation. Every quotation will be based upon your individual garden. Once the quotation has been agreed, we will schedule your installation for a time that works for you. 

Running your new irrigation system 

We pride ourselves in installing advanced, but easy to use irrigation controllers, so you can tailor your watering times to your landscape avoiding over and under watering. We also offer smart watering systems that can be adjusted on your smart phone or iPad. With every install we provide free service and training for the first year of operation, allowing you to get to know your system and its maintenance needs. 


The install process starts prior to beginning the install; we flag out the location of the heads and valve boxes according to the design and check that the conditions of your garden are suited to begin the install. Our focus for all members on the team will be to minimize the damage to the garden by using our proven methods and the proper tools. Typically, lines left by our machines and areas around the head will be back to normal after a month of running your new system. In most cases a standard residential home can be completed within a week and you will have a orientation on your system. 

System maintenance 

As with any system you install at your house, there will be some maintenance required. We select our products based on our years in the industry, as well as how the manufacturers back its product with their warranty. We recommend that you check your system a minimum of 3 times in a typical year: once when it is turned on and the other two periodically throughout the watering season. Watersplash is proud to offer full servicing plans or plans for any level of service you need. 
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